New Kids on the Block — A Day in the Life

Video + ¬†Photos From NKOTB’s Day in the Life Shoot¬†

"It was wild shooting A Day in the Life of New Kids on the Block. The frenzy and energy that their fans have is amazing. We documented their interview on the Today Show, interviews and appearances at OK! Magazine, People Magazine, AP, Talk Stoop with Cat Greenleaf, and everything in between. The guys are all wonderful and funny people, and care so much about their fans.

I’ve worked with NKOTB since, photographing them on their cruise to the Bahamas, and have gotten to know the whole NKOTB crew even better. I just went to their show at Radio City Music Hall in June, and watched from backstage as they displayed some of the Day in the Life photos huge on the screens right before the guys came onstage. It was an awesome feeling to see our work on DITL displayed during such an important night for the band and their fans.” - Photographer Diana Levine

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